Locally Made!

Quattro Stone fabricates all our countertops in Kamloops.  Our fabrication facility at 1425 Pearson Place has the largest team in the region with multiple CNC and cutting machines. Our countertop and tile installers are local to Kamloops and bring years of experience and attention to detail.

Our Process

Digital Templating – Quattro Stone uses digital and laser templating equipment to precisely measure your countertop requirements.  This technology allows us to acurately measure and profile all the curves, bends, and changes in your walls and cabinets.  The data is then digitized into a countertop profile that is custom machined to your specific home.

Stone Slabs – Large stone slabs weighing 600-1000 lbs are brought in specifically for your counter.  We work with Quartz, Marble, Granite, Soapstone, Limestone, and Quartzite.  When using natural stones, your specific slab may be previewed by you in our indoor slab gallery or at our manufacturing site prior to fabrication to allow you to select how the natural grains and colours will be used for each of your countertop pieces.

Bridge Saw – Using computer controls and water cooled diamond bit blades, the individual pieces of your custom counter are cut to their rough size on a precision bridge saw.

CNC Fabrication – Quattro Stone has multiple CNC units to mill the unique shape of your custom counter.  The data from our templating process is fed into our CNC machine, where 5 to 9 rotating, water-cooled tools are used to cut the specific shape of your counter to within 1 millimeter. The machine precisely fabricates any of the 9 edge profiles that Quattro Stone offers.

Final Polishing – Each piece is given a final polish by our fabrication specialists to ensure that the edges are perfect.  At this stage our team will also test fit your sinks and pre-fit any seams to ensure a high quality installation.

Final Inspection – While Quattro Stone has quality control inspections at every stage of production, a final inspection is completed at the end of the fabrication line.

Installation – Quattro Stone’s installation teams are friendly, professional, and have years of experience.  Our installation trucks are fully equipped to handle even the most complex installations.  The installation teams deliver to your home, install your custom countertops, and mount your sinks and faucets.  (Please note that while we love to help, we are not experts in cabinets, plumbing or gas work and as such our teams are not permitted to do cabinet, plumbing, or gas work.)